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  • info@jaafsc.org

Objective of JAAFSC

JICA Alumni Associations are the associations of professionals trained and educated in Japan and these professionals can contribute a lot for overall development of the region by sharing their expertise, experiences and ideas of their respective fields. The FORUM have the following objectives:

  • maintain, develop and extend relationship to foster mutual understanding, cooperation and strengthening friendship among the ex-participants of JICA sponsored programs in the SAARC region;
  • exchange views, ideas, share the knowledge and experience among the members of JAAFSC to develop linkage with JICA and different training institutions in Japan, with a view to exchange information and cooperation in the relevant fields of mutual interest;
  • contribute towards strengthening of friendly ties and cooperation in different areas of development activities between participating countries in the SAARC region and Japan
  • promote and strengthen collective self reliance among the JICA Alumni Associations in the SAARC region international forum on matters of common interest; and
  • Strengthen cooperation among the member JICA Alumni Associations in international forum on matters of common interest; and
  • Cooperate with international and regional organizations with similar objectives.