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President’s Message in Dhaka Seminar

I feel honored and privileged to extend my heartfelt greetings to the dignitaries of the SAARC
countries on the occasion of the International seminar on 'The Role of JICA in Socio-economic
Development of the SAARC Countries' jointly organized by JICA Alumni Association of
Bangladesh (JAAB) and JICA Alumni Associations Forum of the SAARC Countries (JAAFSC).

I am delighted to share with all my JICA Alumni friends that JAAFSC is being revived and
reactivated by a 'Dhaka Declaration' from the upcoming seminar and meeting to be held from
27-29 October 2017 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The Alumni friends from the SAARC countries are
highly appreciated for their kind and enthusiastic presence in the seminar and meeting.

Bangladesh is currently accelerating sustainable economic growth with equity and bringing
people out of poverty towards becoming a middle income country by the year 2021. JICA is
supporting the vitalization of economic activities of Bangladesh and taking measures to overcome
social vulnerability with a view to backing the country's efforts to achieve maximum economic
growth. I understand and believe that, JICA has been playing the same role for all the SAARC
countries for economic emancipation of this region.

The role of JICA Alumni is not different. Trust we are at the same page on the question of
development to bring South Asian region out of poverty. We, the esteemed members of JICA.
Alumni from the SAARC countries are committed to strengthen bondage among ourselves as
well as with JICA and perform our best for multi-sectoral development of this region.

I would like to express my wholehearted gratitude to Honorable President of the People's
Republic of Bangladesh and to Honorable Prime Minister of the Government of the People's
Republic of Bangladesh for their kind messages in wishing the grand success of the International
Seminar of JAAFSC. I also convey my sincere appreciations to the Chief Guest, Special Guests
for their kind presence to beautify the event. It's also my gratification to the Chief Representatives
of JICA offices of SAARC countries as well as Presidents/Representatives of JICA of the
SAARC countries for their kind messages for the souvenir on time.

Last but not the least I would like to thank to the Convening Committee for Revival of JAAFSC,
Members of JAAB as well as the Editor of the souvenir for their utmost dedication to make the
program a grand success.

(Dr. Md. Mozammel Haque Khan)